Mondays Over Thank God!

So, after yet another mental weekend in Leeds, Monday is the day where everyone is blue and reminiscing about what an amazing weekend it has been and are counting down the days until it is Friday again. For all you, ‘live for the weekend’ party goers, this weekend is going OFF! There is one particular night which is making me tingle from the toes up with excitement…



What a line up! There really is no other city like Leeds. I am already pumped and rearing to go for the weekend and this is helping me get through the long days of the week. The thought of being in the majestical Canal Mills with the likes of Art Department, Damian Lazarus and Francesca Lombardo pumping their blissful upbeat tracks through the clubs incredible sound system, is enough to plan my whole weekend around!

I have received the opportunity to get discounted tickets for the rebel rave for my blog followers you can email me regarding this at or by texting 07500964845. I am willing to drop off in areas local to Headingley/Hydepark or I can meet you in Leeds centre.

Dusk Underground Music Launch Party

After an amazing launch night down at Beat Bar what is next for DUM?

With 4 DJs INDRA, Lee Sanderson, Kit Mcbride and Shaw Woodley Mitchell all smashing out there original productions to an amazing crowd it resulted in a truly unique underground night in Leeds. The crowd going mad with their two steps to never heard before tracks we are only expecting greater things from this new record label! You can follow the progress of dusk underground music on their like page!

DUM Facebook like page

You can check out the video of Lee Sanderson playing out his new track ‘bad habit’ on his like page ..

Lee Sanderson Like Page

Thursday Brunch Sounds Like | Lee Sanderson with So Long (Original Mix)

Chase The Compass

diana art

It’s a familiar sample we all know and love, but the infectious melody of ‘So long I’ve needed love right near me..’ has been given a welcome new spin by 21 year old Leeds boy and House production up-and-comer, Lee Sanderson. Already widely recognised and adored in his hometown, Lee has released a slew of stella remix’s through Leeds label, Dusk Underground Music including So Long, What Does It Take, and a masterful rework of the hallowed Diana Ross classic, Upside Down. A trip to Leeds may be in order me thinks!

We’re all about supporting young and upcoming talent from around the UK and beyond, so if you have a production or mix you’d like to see on here, shoot us an email at

CTC xx

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Dusk Underground Music Launch party at Beat Bar


So, after Dusks exciting start to 2013 bringing a unique twist to deep house events in Leeds they are moving forward to their next project in the music industry and are launching a record label. After weeks of searching through Sound cloud, Mix cloud, Youtube and Blogs INDRA was discovered with a unique sound to his productions he was the first DJ for DUM to approach. With songs storming on Subsoul YouTube channel and his productions having a unique and creative edge. INDRAs magical and majestic take on garage is like no other. Working extremely hard on his productions and mixing skills only feels right to have him headlining our launch party and making his Leeds debut. It will be a showcase of the artists and all their own creations making it a truly one of a kind night and an experience not to be missed! 

INDRA takes to the decks for Dusk Podcast 004

It’s enough to get you grooving isn’t it?

Well the giving does not stop there! Dusk has released their first E.P. as well, especially for all of our edgy as hell house lovers! This is up for free download courtesy of Lee Sanderson!  Feel free to give him a like on Facebook! (


So, now I have you all pumped and rearing to go! Get buying you tickets ready for Saturday it is going to be a biggy!


Happy Listening x

Easter Weekend Guide

So, its that time of year again when everyones jumps on the easter weekend band wagon and goes on a four day bender! and why not? This is supposed to be a religious weekend and did Jesus not turn water into wine? Point proven that the hidden message was that we are all suppose to be out boozing and spending our weeks wages that we have worked so hard for.

With a large selection of nights on Easter day anyone who is into the house scene has marked Sunday as a very special date on their calendar. There are three nights standing out that will cater to all you house lovers on every level. We have:

The Warehouse 34th Birthday with 2 Many DJS

This event has already sold out and not surprised what a booking. 2 Many DJs are still on my to see yet as I have only heard amazing things about the Belgian duo. Hopefully will be able to track them down somewhere this summer and I will certainly be looking forward to seeing the videos from the night. 

Beat Street at The Garage with Chris Lattner & Brett Jacobs

If you still have not made it down to The Garage… DO! If a small intimate venue is what tickles your fancy The Garage is the place for you on Sunday. I can not explain the great crowd this club attracts with its underground feel with a twist of style and a chevvy truck you can only really explain that this venue is more of a home away from home. Its success in the past year has been mind blowing with winning best small club of the year in DJ Mag and attracting some of the biggest names in the industry. The Garages nights all meet up to standards and beyond and The Beat Street lads seriously know how to throw a party! With great bookings and residents that smash it out the water every time you know you are in for a treat. This is also the cheapest night of the three so if you are doing Easter Sunday on a budget this is the one for you! Below is a link to Skiddle to purchase your tickets for:

And finally but certainly not least my personal choice:

Canal Mills, Wax:On and Mono_Cult All Day Easter Sunday Party

Room 1

Maya Jane Coles
Joy Orbison
John Talabot
Ryan Elliot
People Get Real

Room 2

Prins Thomas
PBR Streetgang
Last Waltz
Tom Grainger


Matt Long / Brad Mercer / Paul Kaminski
Mike Jones

The second this event popped up on my Facebook news feeds I managed to buy my ticket at the bargain price of £12 with a line up like this I did not even care if i went on my own it was, ‘THE’ event not to be missed. The promoters behind this know how to throw a party and have been bringing nothing but the best acts to Leeds for our enjoyment. If it was anyone I would give brownie points it is this group of people behind this event.

With a line up like this, it is bringing back a bit of Ibiza back into my life. With all day parties at Circoloco every Monday @ DC:10 this sort of line up is meeting that balaeric standard that since being back in this unpredictable weathered country I have missed so dearly. For those who have not got a ticket unlucky for you it should not of been a thinking matter it is a straight YES. 

I will be attending this and will be writing up my review once I have recovered 14 hours of solid partying may take its toll on me but I will be informative as possible with images and videos to match.


Dusk Podcast – 002 – Real Connoisseur

Ahead of our next event we have, the one and only Real Connoisseur gracing the decks. This is one of the best mixes we have heard in while and know that you will all love it. Can’t wait for him to play for us on 9th March at Beaver Works.


Track List:

1. Dusky – Tyto Alba
2. Dino Lenny, Hardrive – A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix)
3. Harry Wolfman & Jouhl – 96 Affair (Friend Within Remix)
4. Friend Within – The Pull
5. Huxley – Shapes
6. Mak & Pasteman – Block 221
7. Last Magpie – Get You Thinking
8. Real Connoisseur – Jungle Jakarta
9. Ben Pearce – Pale Ale
10. Applebottom – All Nite
11. Tom Flynn – Truth Hurts
12. Manare – Pearl (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
13. Kahwe – Driving Me Wild

Review On Louche Snowbombing Warm Up 19th January 2013

There was some amazing line ups this weekend, with the likes of Jamie XX and Floating Points playing at Canal Mills and Motor City Drum Ensemble at Mint Club. There really is no place like Leeds for Deep House, this city plays host to some of the biggest and best promoters in the UK, in our eyes it is the capital of house.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Louche last night to see the German pioneer, Motor City Drum Ensemble. Arriving at The Mint Club with queues heaving, we were in fear of one of them nights were it takes you 2 hours just to get in with or without tickets and being face planted against a wall where you can not even move to enjoy the music. We were assured it was not over packed inside, it was solely the bouncers on a power trip, which was quite reassuring. Being great promoters and organisers, the Louche lads soon put an end to this and we got in a lot quicker than anticipated. This was a great relief as having a group of girls obviously from the ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast exploring what the true partiers attend on the weekends questioning, “well so is this like a house night what even is it” really did piss me off.

Once getting in the heavy bass of the music and the uplifting vibes pumping through the club, through the Funktion 1 system ensured us that we where in for a great night. We entered Mint to Motor City Drum Ensemble gracing the decks. His song selection was second to none, and paired with his exquisite mixing skills, he had all the traits of a great DJ.

We took position on the dance floor staring into the famous ceiling lights, flashing away to the beat, guiding you through every different pace that the tracks had to offer.

As the night went on, I started to find myself being shoved and the dance floor was slowly turning into a human pin ball machine. The fascination of some people willing to trample over everyone like a stampede to try get to the front to be nearer the DJ (it does not make the music sound any better get in the middle). The club started getting far too packed, that is started becoming uncomfortable. This was far too familiar having had to leave Miguel Campbell a few months back because of the same issue, however a lot worse (but we won’t get into that).

Another issue was that there was 3 overweight muslims, covered in gold chains, simply doing whatever possible to start a fights, constantly harassing girls and pushing everybody needlessly. They where also trying to bully people into giving them cigs and their drinks, this really did start to panic us.

We were simply trying to enjoy the buzz and be on cloud 9, however every time that we where enjoying our selves, somebody felt the need to barge into us within 15 seconds.

Overall we had a decent night, the music was amazing, hats off for the bookings. However, this club need to learn to stop overfilling capacity, as I can assure you that I will not be visiting Mint Club again for a long time after my last two experiences there. The other issue being the crowd, we have blogged about this in the past, we just hate fighting and people starting fights.

Recommended Gigs in Leeds For The Rest of January

Our first recommendation is:

Butter Side Up with Amir Alexander at Wire Club on Friday 11th January 2013.

At Butter Side Up you are always guaranteed to have a great night. You will be partying alongside the perfect crowd. Also, we love The Wire, such a nice compact venue with an amazing Funktion One sound system, perfect for any underground night.

Wth Amir Alexander (a truly formidable DJ) behind the decks you are going to experience some amazing American influenced underground house. You just can beat them old school vinyl sets. And as for the residents, the never fail to impress.

We definitely recommend this one, here is the link to the Facebook event:

Next, is in my eyes the biggest night of the month. It’s that big, that even though it is sold out we are recommending you find tickets:

Wax:On – Jamie XX, Floating Points, Huxley + more @ Canal Mills on 19th January 2013
This has all of the ingredients of an amazing night. The line up is quite simply… stunning. May we add also, the we have been desperate to see Jamie XX for a while now and this is our chance. I wouldn’t even like to think how much was spent on this line up, will it be worth it?
As for the venue, Canal Mills has quickly cemented itself as one of the best underground clubs in Leeds, if not the best. The venue is amazing, the sound system is amazing and the visuals are amazing. There is no reason not to love everything about this dingy old warehouse… or is there. Referring back to my last post the one problem I do find with here is the crowd, countless amounts of ‘posers’. Obviously, this is depending on the night, but there is no way of knowing what you are going to walk in to. I think however, it is worth the risk for this one.
Have fun dealing with the touts.
You can find the event link below:
Last but not least…
Back To Basics Presents SUPERFREQ with MR C and AFFIE YUSEF at The Garage on January 26th 2013
Back to Basics have been pioneers of the underground scene in Leeds for 21 years and have very much established themselves as “The Party People” and my god do they live up to their reputation. No promoter can throw a night like this, the atmosphere, the crowd, the DJs and their choice of venue is all carefully selected to bring a true experience for anyone who has a love for the music.
The Garage is exactly what it says on the tin… a garage. Recently winning the best small club award from DJ Mag and in the top 10 for Mixmag it is safe to say you do not win this sort of recognition from such established brands for no reason. Recently reequipping themselves with a nice set of Funktion Ones. One thing that does stand out about The Garage is their staff, nothing ever seems to much and you always feel at home, unlike some other venues.
We think this is one event that can NOT be missed. Here is the link to the Facebook for more information on this event:


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