Is Underground House Music Dying?

I have come to realise in the past few months how much the underground house music scene is changing and slowly becoming more commercial.

Whilst sitting in a small commercial bar, having a few quiet drinks to the sound of Rhianna, followed by Justin Bieber I suddenly heard a change in the music, the song next was Julio Bashmore – Au Seve, which was then followed by more typical, cheesy RnB tracks. 

Having been told of this track along with others, such as Maya Jane Coles and Duke Dumont – The Giver being played in many commercial venues across Leeds, I ask you, is underground house music dying? What is classed as underground music nowadays? 

I used to love this scene more than anything (and still do), but having been to several venues (of which I will not name) recently, only to see violence including people being bottled as well as Jersey Shore like ‘posers’ prancing around with no shirts on barging into people, who are just simply wanting to have a good time.

This scene used to be about the love of the music and the love of other people and I, along with many others are scared that this is coming to an end. Seeing the likes of Circo Loco becoming more of a ‘cool trend’ than about the music, after their long, amazing history just hurts me inside. 

What does everyone else think of this? I think it is a great topic for discussion.


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9 thoughts on “Is Underground House Music Dying?

  1. I have been out nearly every weekend in the last four years in Leeds,and probably twice a month since the mid 90’s Also regular nights in Manchester and a few times in London and have only seen 1 Assault in this time, Secondly, Au Seve is a terrible terrible follow up to Battle for Middle you, and was surely marketed to Avicci/Guetta fans. Hated it to be honest, I agree, some clubs do seem to attract men in torn raggedy blouses with make up on, but we all know which nights these are, and they are easily avoided. I can see 2013 been a pretty good year, some new nights and venues are getting off the ground and im looking forward to been part of it.

    • I do agree with you in some sense, however I think that when you say some nights attract the wrong sort of people, I am seeing (even in the short time I have been going out, compared to you) these are changing to more Deep House nights.

      It seems that the people are starting to get in to the music because of the scene, rather than getting in to the scene due to their love for the music. Do you not agree with this?

      Just out of curiosity, what are your favourite clubs and nights in Leeds?

      • Yes, agree with this, i think i went clubbing for 5 years or so in the early 2000’s and couldn’t name a track i had heard, I just went out for the friendly crowd etc, Only in the last 4 or 5 years i have started listening to the music again, like don says, I think there will always be a decent underground scene in Leeds, The decent nights are here to stay, Basics is my favorite night, and have liked it at all the Venues over the years (Except Rehab) I also like Nest, And i think Canal mills will get better if they maybe put on some smaller less money making nights. I Pretty much will go to any night and try it out, I Like Musiquarium too

      • These smaller less money making nights are definitely a good place to start going the vibes in there are a lot better because the crowd are there because of the love of the music. Nights at places like Distrikt and The garage will continue to attract the right crowd. We run nights ourselves and have done at the Musiquarium and the vibes and atmosphere have been amazing.

        We have been approached by a club asking if we would run a night there and was asked if we could still play deep house but mix in some chart as well which I found very concerning. Nights like Nest, Basics will always be a great inspiration for what the types of nights are about and what they stand for. You make some very valid points.

  2. underground house will never die the real heads will always be digging for new shit people might like this cheaper sound but the classy shit will always be classy no matter what they like a catchy vocal and a baseline house has so many more elements than that house is a feeling not a fashion and thats what there in it for the latest thing will crop up and they will jump on that but the underground will keep always keep beating

  3. A lot of it is arguably coming from new production ‘templates’. With Producer building club ‘hits’ with huge drops, lots of filler in the middle and basic mix in/mix out sections. The art of the DJing in my opinion is getting lost on this emerging producer/DJ pathway to success which so many people are now following. The subtly of actually mixing and blending tracks for a prolonged period of time, and the talent of actually using the mixer as a musically creative tool (looking to Jeff Mills or Terrance Parker as a master class) is something you don’t see in the more main stream, ‘scene’ environment. I am one of the biggest fans of a cleverly crafted, flowing, heavy deep house set but agree there is definitely a movement of over hyped, under experienced producers who are making one big track and doing the rounds because they are a name to be seen(scene!?). Essentially anyone can DJ, match two beats that are 4×4, blend slightly and smash out the next banger but actually mastering the art of mixing and selection takes years.

    [Definitely not something I can claim to do either otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this.]

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