Review On Louche Snowbombing Warm Up 19th January 2013

There was some amazing line ups this weekend, with the likes of Jamie XX and Floating Points playing at Canal Mills and Motor City Drum Ensemble at Mint Club. There really is no place like Leeds for Deep House, this city plays host to some of the biggest and best promoters in the UK, in our eyes it is the capital of house.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Louche last night to see the German pioneer, Motor City Drum Ensemble. Arriving at The Mint Club with queues heaving, we were in fear of one of them nights were it takes you 2 hours just to get in with or without tickets and being face planted against a wall where you can not even move to enjoy the music. We were assured it was not over packed inside, it was solely the bouncers on a power trip, which was quite reassuring. Being great promoters and organisers, the Louche lads soon put an end to this and we got in a lot quicker than anticipated. This was a great relief as having a group of girls obviously from the ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast exploring what the true partiers attend on the weekends questioning, “well so is this like a house night what even is it” really did piss me off.

Once getting in the heavy bass of the music and the uplifting vibes pumping through the club, through the Funktion 1 system ensured us that we where in for a great night. We entered Mint to Motor City Drum Ensemble gracing the decks. His song selection was second to none, and paired with his exquisite mixing skills, he had all the traits of a great DJ.

We took position on the dance floor staring into the famous ceiling lights, flashing away to the beat, guiding you through every different pace that the tracks had to offer.

As the night went on, I started to find myself being shoved and the dance floor was slowly turning into a human pin ball machine. The fascination of some people willing to trample over everyone like a stampede to try get to the front to be nearer the DJ (it does not make the music sound any better get in the middle). The club started getting far too packed, that is started becoming uncomfortable. This was far too familiar having had to leave Miguel Campbell a few months back because of the same issue, however a lot worse (but we won’t get into that).

Another issue was that there was 3 overweight muslims, covered in gold chains, simply doing whatever possible to start a fights, constantly harassing girls and pushing everybody needlessly. They where also trying to bully people into giving them cigs and their drinks, this really did start to panic us.

We were simply trying to enjoy the buzz and be on cloud 9, however every time that we where enjoying our selves, somebody felt the need to barge into us within 15 seconds.

Overall we had a decent night, the music was amazing, hats off for the bookings. However, this club need to learn to stop overfilling capacity, as I can assure you that I will not be visiting Mint Club again for a long time after my last two experiences there. The other issue being the crowd, we have blogged about this in the past, we just hate fighting and people starting fights.


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